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Covid-19 & TERS Assistance


When applying for TERS relief, it is critical that your UIF returns are up-to-date, failure to do so can result in severe delays or even non-payment of funds. If you are unsure whether or not your  returns are up-to-date and would like me to help you check, I can login to your uFiling profile and assess this for you. I do not charge for this, so long as no updating of information is required. Please email me on [email protected] for assistance. 

myHRm has a range of personalised UIF services & employment contract options for busy professionals and small business owners.



I know that dealing with UIF, employment contracts and payslips is a headache you could really do without. Let myHRm take the hassle off your hands by registering you as an employer with the UIF, creating your UFiling profile and loading your employees.

Generic contract templates downloaded from Google can be a very expensive free download, so make sure you and your employee are protected with a fully customized employment contract and all supporting documents required by the Department of Labour.

I would be completely lost without myHRm. Sam takes care of the registration and monthly payments of the UIF for my house keeper, she also took control when the department of labour made all their changes. She’s been reliable and so helpful – THANK YOU!

Kimberley Clow

Owner, Kimberley Kollection, Cape Town

Are you a domestic employer?

You are a domestic employer if you employ anybody who works inside your home, such as:


Nurse or Carer





If your domestic employee works for you for 24 hours or more per month, you are legally required to register yourself as a Domestic Employer with the Department of Labour, and register your employee with the UIF. 


Once registered you will need to submit monthly “returns” (a record  of the hours that they worked and how much they earned that month) and pay the UIF contribution which is 2% of the employee’s monthly wage. As the employer you can deduct the employee’s portion (1%) from their monthly wage, so both employee and employer contribute an equal amount of 1%. 


For example, if your housekeeper earns R4500 per month, you will pay R90 to the UIF (2% of R4500). You can then deduct 1% (R45) from your employee’s wage at the end of the month. 

What can myHRM do for you?

 Our UIF and employment contract packs ensure complete compliance and peace of mind. 

Thanks to myHRm my most treasured domestic worker is now completely sorted with regards to an employment contract and UIF. myHRm provides an amazing, affordable service and I could not believe how quickly everything was sorted out. I highly recommend that all the working Mamma’s (like myself) who are blessed enough to have domestic workers in their homes contact myHRm to ensure that all of their labour department affairs are in order. Thanks myHRm! Your service was incredible!

Kim Mitchell

Occupational Therapist, Pietermaritzburg

Why do I need to be compliant?


The purpose of the UIF is to protect your worker should they find themselves unemployed


When the Department of Labour send inspectors to your neighbourhood, they will check that you are compliant.


If you have followed the correct procedures you have nothing to worry about in the event of a CCMA hearing.


Carrying out your responsibilities shows your employee that you respect them and that their job is important.

I ordered a contract pack from myHRm and the process was very simple.  About 6 months after we did this the Department of Labour knocked on our door to do an inspection, and they were very happy with what we had put in place through myHRm.  We had absolutely no problems at all with non-compliance!

Gail Starr

Owner, Vital Life Training, Pietermaritzburg