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For security and safety, all employers should know how to deal with an inspection. It is also important to train your staff / maids and nannies what to do when someone claiming to be an inspector arrives. Often these instances happen when you are away from your business or home.

Many homes and businesses have been targeted by “fake” inspectors who are well versed with the labour law. They quote various acts and legal requirements with the aim of either extorting monies through selling “required documents” or gaining entrance to the premises for ill gain. Most employers are overwhelmed by the threat of being closed down or imminent arrest / heavy spot fines and allow these individuals to take advantage.

What are your rights when someone comes to your door stating they are doing an inspection? The answer is simple – Don’t let anyone onto your premises without confirming their credentials. All labour inspectors are well aware of the above problem and in most cases, prior arrangement with official documentation will be made setting up a date and time for an inspection, In the event that this is not made, official ID and a phone call to your local department of labour to confirm their credentials should be made. The law does provide that an inspector cannot be unreasonably turned away or not given access for an inspection, but your right to safety is paramount and the correct checks must be done upfront. Your staff should not let anyone onto the premises until you have been contacted or arrive to deal with the issue.

It is also important to note that the Department of Labour will never sell any service or documentation. Anything or anyone that seems unusual / suspect should be reported to the police and your local labour office.