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Many domestic employers in South Africa have a very negative perception of the UIF and UIF registration process. If you have had one or more of the following thoughts, then you fall into this category:

  1. “Registering with the UIF is complicated and difficult!”
  2. “There is so much paperwork involved in registering for UIF!”
  3. “I will have to stand in a long queue!”
  4. “The Department of Labour are impossible to deal with!”
  5. “My employee only works for me 1 day a week, I can’t deal with the hassle of doing UIF and I’m sure it’ll be fine!”
  6. “Registering with the UIF is going to cost me a lot of money!”


  1. Registering with the UIF using myHRM is as simple as completing a basic form with you and your employee details, and emailing it back to us!
  2. There is a leeeeeetle bit of paperwork involved unfortunately, but myHRM keeps this as simple and easy to use as possible!
  3. Nope, no queues. Your UIF registration is done via email and online. Voila!
  4. Hhhhmmm, well that one is sometimes true but luckily for you that’s where WE come in! You don’t have to have direct contact with the Department of Labour at all!
  5. Any employee who works 24 hours or more PER MONTH must be registered for UIF (so yes, that lady who cleans your house once a week has to be registered!)
  6. UIF registration for a single employee is R350, and additional employees cost only R150 each. We also offer combo packs which include a customized employment contract (no generic Google downloads here, thank you!) at reduced rates. You can view all products and packages here.

Domestic employers have several legal obligations including providing their employees with an employment contract, registering them for UIF, providing payslips and using attendance registers. We assist with ALL of these and ensure that you are fully compliant, should the local Dept of Labour inspectors come knocking at your door!

Email [email protected] and get compliant today 🙂