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If you have been a UFiling user since before February this year, you will more than likely be acquainted with the disaster that was the “upgraded” (Government’s term, not mine!) UFiling webiste. The new site launched in April and was pretty much inaccessible and unusable for most people for about 2 months. Some people had more luck than others, but the majority seem to have been unable to submit returns or make payments.

The primary issue seems to be a problem with the pulling through of users saved data and history, from the old site to the new site. So most people, once they have managed to login, are finding that old employee’s are once again showing as active, and some current employees are missing completely. AAAARRRRRGGGH! When you first login (after having had to set a new password – an updated security measure), you have to update your own details and information, and then when going to the Declarations Manager and attempting to submit a return, you have to do the same thing for your employees.

As the site went offline in February 2019, many people who are behind on their returns are behind from this date. UIF and UFiling work on a financial year basis from February to February every year, so when submitting returns you are asked to set the date parameters for the period that you want to submit. If you are only trying to update missing returns from February, you can set the dates as 02/19 to 07/19, which it will allow you to do. You will see that if you try to go further back than February, you won’t be allowed to as that will cross over the financial year barrier which is – confusingly – also February.

It is likely that your employee will show up as missing returns from the earlier period even if you WERE up to date, for now I am advising clients that we not worry about this as the DOL have assured the public that the issues will be fixed and the data will be pulled through – I am not holding my breath, but I am also not willing to sit myself, or advise my clients, to sit for hours filling in missing information (which it then seems to want you to pay again for as well!), if this might be done by the system at some point down the line. If it has been paid and the returns were submitted, I am sure that information is stored somewhere so in the event that your employee does need to claim from the UIF, they should be able to do so.

So the current situation is that *some* progress is being made – we are finally managing to successfully submit current returns, although the missing data/extra employees problem is still there to be dealt with. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks!

If you would like assistance with your UIF and UFiling, or are not yet registered and need to start paying UIF for your employee’s, please contact me on [email protected] and I will advise how I can assist!

Over and Out – Sam.