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It seems that employers are not applying for TERS UIF relief for their employees, for one of three reasons. I would like to discuss each of these reasons and explain why they should not prevent you from registering with the UIF, and going ahead to claim for benefits.

1. They are unsure whether or not they are up-to-date on their UIF returns or whether they are compliant. This is a legitimate concern, as having outstanding returns or employees who are not registered to you on the system, can cause big delays and even prevent pay-outs. However, it is not too late to get your returns up-to-date in order to then claim. If you are a uFiling client you can login to your profile, file the outstanding returns and process the payments online.

2. They failed to register themselves and their employee’s prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. This can potentially mean you will not receive any of the TERS relief fund, however, as this fund is in such early stages and things are changing by the day, I really advise all employers who have not yet registered themselves and their staff to do so immediately. We do not know how long this situation is going to go on for, and registering now may still allow you to claim for benefits in the future. Also, being registered is a legal requirement regardless.

3. They are overwhelmed by the registration process and do not feel confident to tackle the online system. The TERS registration and application system is actually very simple and can be accessed at this link:

You need to have the following information handy:

Your UI reference number
Your employee’s ID number, full name, start date & salary. Follow the step by step instructions .

As a uFiling Practitioner I am able to assist in all 3 of these areas:

  1. If you are unsure whether or not your UIF returns are up to date and would like me to help you check, I can login to your UFiling profile and assess whether or not your returns are up to date. I do not charge for this, so long as no updating of information is required.
  2. If you have not yet registered yourself and your employee/s, this is a service that I do offer. I also address outstanding UIF returns and backpay issues. Even if you lose out on this first round of relief, you may still benefit down the road from being registered so I encourage all employers who are not yet registered, to do so.
  3. I am offering assistance with registering for TERS. Please email me on [email protected] for more information on this service.

In conclusion, none of these reasons should stop you from registering with the UIF and applying for TERS relief for your employees!