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Small Business

The law does not differentiate between different size organizations, and therefore it is imperative that SME’s fully understand the implications of all aspects of Labour legislation. Employers must give workers certain information in writing when they paid, and keep certain records of attendance.


All employees must have a legally compliant, signed employment contract in place.


Along with the employment contract, you must also be able to provide a job description, copies of payslips and attendance registers, and a hard copy of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act must be available for your employees to refer to at any time should they choose to do so.

I have found Sam to be very professional, supportive and knowledgeable in the field of Human Resources. I would recommend myHRM to anyone requiring assistance with contracts and issues of this nature. Lorraine Rogers

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All business employers are required to register their employees to pay UIF, and deduct and pay it from their salary on a monthly basis.


In order to do so you need to be registered with the UIF as an employer and receive an employer reference number. You can then submit your monthly returns and process the payments.


This can be a daunting and sometimes frustrating process, so let myHRM take the headache out of UIF and handle your  registration and setting up of your U-Filing account.

Package Options

Option 1

Employment Contract Pack and UIF Registration

All you need to be compliant should the Department of Labour come knocking on your door!

R550 for the first employee

R350 for additional employees

Option 2

Employment Contract Pack and all supporting documentation

If you already have your UIF registration in place, this option is the one for you!

R350 for the first employee

R150 for additional employees

Option 3

Business employer UIF registration

If you already have your employment contracts in place, this option is your lifesaver!

R350 for the first employee

R150 for additional employees

Additional Services

UIF Salary Schedule for Backpay

If your employee/s have been working for you for 3 months or longer without you paying UIF, you will have to apply for the outstanding backpay to be calculated.

No employee can claim UIF if the employer is not up to date with their payments.

R100 per employee

UIF Management Plan

Ensure that you remain up to date and compliant. myHRM will submit your monthly UIF returns on time and process your payments. If at any time you want to take over the reins, the handover is instant.


R600 for 12 months, paid in full upfront (up to 2 employees)

Business Payroll Service

Business employers are required to supply employees with a monthly payslip, containing certain information. Let myHRM take care of this with a customised payslip emailed straight to your inbox.


R600 for 12 months, paid in full upfront (per employee)

Not sure which option or package is right for you? Ask me now!